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Fukuoka and Noboribetu

Fukuoka and Noboribetu have different sides and similar sides.
Recently, I went to both cities to attend conferences, and I felt the differences between them.
First of all, their locations are different.
Fukuoka is located in Kyushu on the south of Japan.
On the other hand, Noboribetu is located in Hokkaido in north of Japan.
Because the cities are far away from each other, the climates of both cities are also very different.
In the same season, Noboribetu is often cold and dry.
Yet, Fukuoka is generally hot and has a lot of moisture.
Moreover, the forms of cities are very different.
Fukuoka is a modern city, and there are many modern buildings and beautiful shopping malls.
However, Noboribetu is countryside.
Noboribetu has many nature sceneries, for example wild life and volcanoes.
So the landscapes of both cities are asymmetrical.
However, there are also many similarities between Fukuoka and Noboribetu.
Firstly, their local foods are very delicious.
For instance, in Fukuoka, ramen and “motsunabe” which is a dish made from the organs of a cow are delicious.
In Noboribetu, their ramen, which is a different kind from the ramen in Fukuoka as well as their fish and shellfish, which are taken from the sea nearby, are also delicious.
Secondly, there are no crowds in both cities.
There are not many people, so both cities are very calm.
The calmness soothed me.
Finally, the air in both cities is very clean. It is not polluted and is pure.
It was very comfortable for me.
I like the differences and similarities between Fukuoka and Noboribetu.