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オックスフォード大学の自律移動車: Wildcat


元の記事:Driverless robot car can self navigate

Driverless robot car can self navigate ロボット自動車が無人での走行を可能に

A £2million prototype vehicle with spatial awareness and the ability to navigate and drive itself has been unveiled by engineers at Oxford University.


The modified Wildcat car, developed in conjunction with BAE Systems, interprets data from cameras, radar and lasers to 'see' its surroundings and negotiate them safely.

この自動車Wildcatを改造した車は,BAE Systemと共同で開発され,カメラセンサやレーダー,レーザーセンサの情報を処理して,車の周辺環境の認識や,安全な走行を可能にする.

The hope is that it could one day eliminate traffic jams and improve traffic safety.



Professor Paul Newman of Oxford University's Department of Engineering Science, who is leading the research, said: "Only by understanding its environment can an autonomous vehicle genuinely drive itself, safely, without the need for human intervention.



"Our long term aim is to enable a new generation of robotic vehicles that can make the roads safer, less congested, cleaner, and personal transport more accessible. We do this by making smarter cars."




The Oxford project has been given £1.4million by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council and is a collaborative effort between the university, BAE and Nissan.

このオックスフォードのプロジェクトはEPSRC(Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council)からの140万ドルにも及ぶ予算と,オックスフォード大学,BAE,そして日産の協力によって,実施されている.

Prof Newman maintained that the breakthrough represents 'just the beginning' of a technological revolution in driving, and believes the technology could start appearing in production vehicles within 15 years.