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My favorite movie

羊たちの沈黙 (特別編) [DVD]

羊たちの沈黙 (特別編) [DVD]

I will now talk about my favorite movie.
My favorite movie is “The Silence of the Lambs”, which is an American movie from 1991.
The director is Janathan Demme, the writer is Thomas Harris.
The film won the top five Academy Awards in 1991; best picture, best actress, best actor, best director and best screenplay.
The movie’s genre is psychological horror and thriller.

The movie has 3 main characters.
The first one is Clarice Starling, who is played by Jodie Foster.
She is a person young FBI trainee.
The second is Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who is played by Anthony Hopkins.
He is a brilliant psychiatrist and a cannibal serial killer.
The third main character is Jack Crowford, who is played by Scott Glenn.
He is a FBI agent and is respected by Clarice.

Next, I’ll be talking about the movie’s plot.
A serial killer known as “Buffalo Bill murdered women, and worse, he skinned his victims.
Crawford turns gives his student, Clarice Starling, an assignment.
The assignment is going to Hannibal Lector, and getting information on Buffalo Bill’s identity.
Though Hannibal Lector used to be a respected psychiatrist, but now he is in prison for killing his patients and eating them.
Lector offers his information on Buffalo Bill in exchange for personal information about herself.
So, She starts to talk about herself.
At last, she catches up with Buffalo Bill.
But Lector escapes somewhere.

My favorite scene of the movie is the interview between Lecter and Clarice.
She has had a strange dream.
In the dream, she heard a lamb’s cry.
But she doesn’t know why she has such a dream.
She talks Lecter about the dream in the interview.
After the conversation with Lecter, she remembers what is the dream is form.
The dream is a memory when she was child, and it is her emotional damage.

Finally, why do I like the movie?
Because, the movie asks about the nature of crime, normal and crazy.
And it asks why don’t we have to eat someone.
I haven’t been able to answer these questions yet.
But I think humans have both ordinary and crazy sides.
No one is perfectly ordinary.
No one is perfectly crazy.
I think.