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How to do an experiment with Infant.

(Infant is a mobile robot of my lab)

The following steps are how to do an experiment with Infant.
Firstly, connect the battery to the main frame and to the motors.
When you connect the cables, take note which is the positive cable or the negative cable.
After that, turn the power switch on, and wait a minute until the computers have booted.
Secondly, login to the robot’s computers using the SSH protocol with a laptop PC.
Be careful not to make any mistake when inputting the user name and its password.
And, you need to save communication lines by just the number of using processes.
Thirdly, check each sensor.
Supply power to the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the differential GPS, the Fiber Optical Gyro (FOG) and the cameras.
And then, press the buttons to initialize each sensor.
All the buttons are red.
Then, check the lights of the sensors to confirm whether the sensor is activated or not.
Finally, engage the clutch of both wheels, and then start programs which are you want to use.
That is all. Please be careful and do not injure the people around you.